It’s Friday!

The haze is very serious today. I’m still recovering from my cough. Tomorrow is a public holiday here, which means I have 3 days off for a long weekend! Kinda looking forward to it as I can meet my family again. I miss them so much, especially my niece! She’s super adorable.

Well, I’ve watched the movie “Inside Out” last Friday and I personally like it very much. It’s interesting to see the emotions tower in our heads. I feel that I have “Joy” controlling most of my emotions, followed by fear and sadness. I don’t think I have Disgust though. LOL!

Argghh my throat is killing me right now. Stupid haze please go away. You are making my eyes watery and my throat dry. I can’t stop coughing in office! It’s really embarrassing.

I doubt anyone will read my blog so I can write whatever I want. LOL!

Yoroboon..mul mani juseyo. Everyone, please drink more water in this hazy weather!


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