Random thoughts

Few things here.

My Bangkok trip was cancelled.

Well, we called the travel agent last Saturday, wanted to pay the remaining balance and we were told that the tour was cancelled! How disappointing! The travel agent was so irresponsible. He didn’t inform us earlier and luckily we called. We demanded full refund immediately. After ding dong for a few hours, they finally transferred the deposit to us online. Anyway I was quite sad that I could not go shopping there! But to think that the situation is still unstable there, it’s best not to go at this time. Oh well. I just don’t have fate with Bangkok! And I could save some money LOL.

Alternative trip?

Well, we wanted to plan for another trip but it doesn’t really work. First, most of the travel agents are fully booked for September trips. Secondly, my in laws do not want free and easy trips. So it’s impossible to find tours at a super short period now. Third, we found Dubai tour but it’s not suitable for elderly. Last but not least, we almost succeeded on Singapore 2D1N but my in laws didn’t want to go at last – mainly due to the haze condition now. So, final decision is to cancel leave. Another disappointment 😦

October – Malacca 2D1N trip

Looking forward to Malacca again next month. I’ll be going with my husband, parents and my youngest brother. I haven’t been to any trips with my parents ever since I get married! So I’m kinda excited for this trip and also the upcoming Bali family trip! I hope the haze condition will be better next month. Fingers crossed.

Eastern Europe

I still can’t forget my Europe trip! It’s been 3 months and everything is still so fresh in my mind. The beautiful scenery of Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Vienna and Salzburg. GOSH. How could I ever forget? I really wish I could go there again. Each and every city! Oh well, maybe except Berlin. XD. I want to spend more time in Vienna and Salzburg. The few days weren’t enough at all! I could listen to the orchestra everyday, trust me. It is THAT good. I love Eastern Europe much more than Central part. It is really fascinating. I love the scenery and the city so so much that I could stay there all my life.


Can you please go away? It’s really disturbing – to my eyes and throat. I’m in the midst of recovering from my flu, due to haze, it’s like not recovering at all. Arrgghh. On off coughing which is quite annoying. >< I hope Indonesia can be more considerate, please stop burning. We need clean and fresh air!

Signing off for now. Peace and love Europe!


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