Happy Mid Autumn Festival

It was Mid Autumn festival last weekend. Met up with my family and had a great impromptu coffee session on Saturday.

My brother's latte
My brother’s latte

My brother brought us to Just Want Coffee, Factory 30. So-called happening place for youngsters. The location isn’t so fantastic but the interior is quite unique. The food is great too.

Surprisingly yummy food
Surprisingly yummy food

It’s always great to hang out with my family members. I love them so much.

Us at the cafe :)
Us at the cafe 🙂

I feel good after hanging out with them. I can never live without them!

On Sunday, we went back to Singapore early. So we have decided to eat korean fried chicken again! Yes, I can’t stop eating! LOL!

Super delicious Nest Snow!
Super delicious Nest Snow!

I can never get enough of this! It’s my 2nd time eating and it is still finger licking good. It’s quite costly though, $32.90 portion for 2. Reasonable?

That's me! Food lover.
That’s me! Food lover.

I would recommend Chir Chir Chicken anytime, and it’s best to go with more than 2 person as the portions are generally quite big. Suitable for a big eater like me! 😀

On a side note, the haze is so thick that I can barely open my eyes. PSI 240 now. Blue sky, where are you?


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