She Was Pretty

My last Korean drama was “Emergency Couple”? I can’t remember, it has been so long! Since then, I’ve stopped watching as there are no dramas which caught my interest.

Until last week (yes, it’s THAT long), I came across this new drama – “She Was Pretty” by Park Seo-Joon, Hwang Jung-Eum and Choi Siwon. It’s a romantic comedy which will lead you to laughter every episode! The main actress is really hilarious. She’s loud, funny and crazy.

The main actress. She's sooo funny!
The main actress. She’s sooo funny!

This drama attracts me mainly because of Choi Siwon. It’s his last drama before he enlists for army. I’m up to episode 5 this week, so far so good. Can’t wait to watch episode 6 this coming weekend!

Main poster of this drama :)
Main poster of this drama 🙂
Press Conference
Press Conference

There are only 2 episodes airing every week (Wed & Thurs), meaning I gotta wait patiently for the rest of this show! Arrghh the wait is so painful.

It’s Friday and TGIF! Enjoy and have a fun-filled weekend peeps! 😀


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