Sorry for the late post as I lost my password and couldn’t be bothered to reset it until now. Haha 😛

Well.. my last post was in November 2015, and it’s the end of August 2016 now. What have I achieved so far?

I went to Bali with my family in December 2015 – had a great time and hopefully we will have routine family trips every year!


Haha a blurry pic as I was testing out my selfie stick. Gosh, Kim was so chubby back then. More pics below 🙂

Turtle Island



Courtyard by Marriott Hotel


Beautiful sunset at Seminyak Beach



And with that, 2015 ended.. Hello 2016!

In a blink of an eye, it’s August now. OMG. I haven’t gone on any trips in 2016 yet. So there’s not much to update. Work – home – family – work. Daily routine till I’m kinda sick of it by now.

This was taken during Chinese New Year in February 2016 – yes I cut my hair short on 1st January 2016 to welcome a new year & new start.


And… my hair grows longer now, I’m going to keep it long again. Haha.

Well.. nothing really exciting so far.. and..September is coming soon – my birthday yay! And my adventures will begin soon – stay tuned!!!

I will try to update this blog more often although nobody reads it. HAHAHA.

Do drop me a message/say Hi if you are reading my blog! 😀




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